Broadcast the World Vinyl - Yellow

Broadcast the World Vinyl - Yellow

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Transparent Yellow

Side A
  1. Broadcast To The World
  2. Rated “U” For Ugly
  3. Anthem
  4. Enemy
  5. Back To Normal
  6. Postcards From Hell
  7. Karma Flavored Whisky

Side B
  1. Here’s To You
  2. Wake Me Up
  3. Lobotomy For Dummies
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. Your New Boyfriend Wears Girl Pants Japan Bonus Songs Included!
  6. Riot Girl
  7. Down in Flames

    * colors of mock up will be close but not exact to final product colors….

    ** This is a PRE-ORDER.  Estimated shipment date is September 1st 2020